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The HPD's Hall of Fame was established on May 17, 2007 during Police Week, to honor those who have distinguished themselves through their outstanding contributions and service to the department and the community.

The Honolulu Police Department inducted 4 individuals into its inaugural Hall of Fame during its Diamond Jubilee Gala Dinner on May 17, 2007.

Sergeant Edwin “Buddy” Adolphson Jr.

Sister Roberta Julie Derby

Chief Francis A. Keala

Chief Daniel S. C. Liu

Since then, each year during Police Week (May) the following have been inducted:

May 2008
Detective Chang Apana
Reserve Officer Ladislaus “Roger” Piwowarski

May 2009
Detective John Jardine

May 2010
Detective Lucille Abreu

May 2011
Governor and HPD Captain John A. Burns

May 2012
Assistant Chief Barbara Wong