Honolulu Police Community Foundation's 12th Annual Fundraiser Event

Special Recognition Event, Featuring and Honoring
Honolulu Police Department’s Specialized Services (SSD)
Saturday, May 18, 2019
Sheraton Waikiki Resort & Hotel

We proudly will be honoring the Honolulu Police Department’s Specialized Services Division’s (SSD), which includes the Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Team, Bomb Unit, Canine Unit and Helicopter Section for their outstanding service helping protect our community. The early beginnings of what is now SSD dates back to 1946 when a seven-member, rapid response unit known as the Metro Squad was established to combat gang violence.

The SWAT teams perform assignments such as interagency assistance with drug interdiction, service of search warrants, Coast Guard ship-boarding, and work with federal agencies to provide protection for national and international dignitaries. SWAT team members are selected from the department consisting of highly trained police officers who have undergone intensive, specialized training which they maintain at a high level of proficiency. These teams are deployed for immediate response to high-risk calls to handle dangerous situations, such as barricaded suspects, sniper and hostage incidents, or any other situations that require their unique skills.

The Bomb Unit responds to calls dealing with military ordnance, improvised explosive devices, commercial explosives, and hoax devices. The Canine Unit are called upon to search for prison escapees, missing persons, and felony suspects, in addition to narcotics and explosives detection. The Helicopter Section provides aerial observation and support to HPD and other agencies and support for traffic monitoring, recovery of stolen vehicles, and drug eradication.

This annual event is a fundraiser for the foundation to support our mission to provide scholarships for higher education, assistance to seniors who live alone and are at risk of falling and equipment for the Honolulu Police Department that could not be obtained through the normal budget process.

"The support of our community and businesses helps the foundation to fulfill its mission in fostering the relationships between the Honolulu Police Department and the community; strengthening the services, organization, and performance of the Honolulu Police Department for the benefit of all persons residing in the City and County of Honolulu; and advancing the education of our youth and the community."